Coronavirus: from darkness to light

by luciano

A necessary reflection in a moment that will change us all.

The second Italian Renaissance

Italy, all of Europe will not be as it is now after the coronavirus. Not only will the economic-financial vision not be, it cannot be the same but, before that, the collective conscience of society will not be the same. 
The virus is producing significant changes in the perception of the values, society and, above all, in the perception of the economy element as the only regulatory index of people’s lives. 
 Globalization had long since begun to show its macroscopic limits either for commercial interests, for needs of pre-eminence of power, or for difference in the evaluation of the basic value, that constitute 
the foundations of each society, first of all the environment and the concept of freedom. Globalization is now in crisis.
It can be the epochal turning point that allows us to get out of the decadence in which our society is, from the torpor of the pseudo well-being that we achieved in the last twenty years. 
Well-being largely compromised by the expiration of the social values that create the cohesion of a society, make it strong, allow you to move in a single direction and achieve a single purpose 
even if respecting a necessary pluralistic vision.
Now a part of us is facing the primary need of the health emergency and providing all the support for society to overcome these difficult moments. 
It is also time to prepare the projects for the house that we will build past the darkness otherwise when rebirth will be possible we will be unprepared and without tools.
It’s time to imagine the world we would like later, it’s time to give life to the second Italian Renaissance: while our doctors, nurses and all paramedical staff fight to eradicate the virus the best minds we have 
in the economic-financial field and socio-political should begin to implement the project that will allow us to leave immediately after the storm with clear and feasible ideas. 
The project must involve all social partners and citizens: the Italy vessel, now in the storm, must have and follow a new route, motivating both the sailors who govern the ship and the “inhabitants” of the Italy vessel.
The timeliness and effectiveness of the recovery depend on the ability to imagine our future and to foresee the tools necessary to implement it. 
Essential premise for the project to start once the darkness is over and that now and immediately those activities that if “die” will now no longer rise again and in the same way 
support will be created for people who can be “alive” for the rebirth .
The launch of the project will be perceived by citizens as a light indicating a path in the darkness and their involvement will create a “strong sense of belonging”, a prerequisite for a new society 
no longer based solely on money and the self. 
From Italy to all peoples.
Sangiorgio Luciano, Roma Italia