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Einkorn: christmas spells

by luciano

(for a finally normal 2021!)
A test for the realization of a very particular product: the carasau bread (puff bread) of pure einkorn wheat. A not easy realization considering the rheological characteristics of the einkorn wheat: little gluten and also weak. The dough has very little elasticity and cannot be manipulated for long because the gluten network breaks down. Method chosen: this test was carried out using the method (increasing the quantity of the pre-ferment) of the pre-ferment followed by the final dough already used for the bread.
Furthermore the method was adapted for a home preparation, so without the use – for example – of a a retarder prover. Times and temperatures have been defined for a semi-wholemeal einkorn flour (a flour through a 600 micron sieve), stone-ground flour, produced by “I grani di Atlantide” di Lorenzo Moi” 2019 harvest.
The “W” index of this flour is modest, placing itself below the value of 50. This clarification is necessary, because especially times and temperatures vary according to the flour (type and harvest) and its degree of refining (quantity of bran present). The method is for expert people”.

Idratation 55% 900 =545gr. (500gr. wtater + LiCoLi whater 45gr. )