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A gluten-free diet brings changes to the intestinal flora: the “good bacteria” decrease, the potentially harmful ones increase.

A Gluten-Free Diet, Not an Appropriate Choice without a Medical Diagnosis

Ancient wheat species and human health

AVIPROFO – Ancient Varieties for the Innovation of Baked Products

Bakery technology – Enzymes

Digestibility of gluten proteins is reduced by baking and enhanced by starch digestion


Estratto da Tesi Lorenzo Moi

Evolution of durum wheat varieties

FODMAPs: food composition, defining cutoff values and international application

Gluten Index for Wheat Products Main Variables in Affecting the Value and Nonlinear Regression Model

Gluten-Free Products for Celiac Susceptible People

Grain Milling

History of the cereal mill

Improving wheat to remove coeliac epitopes but retain functionality

Influence of amylase on the rheological properties of wheat flour with partially damaged starch

Influence of damaged starch on cookie and bread-making quality

Integrated Evaluation of the Potential Health Benefits of Einkorn-Based Breads

Moderate decrease of pH by sourdough fermentation is sufficient to reduce phytate content of whole wheat flour through endogenous phytase activity.

Morphological and agronomic characterization of ancient cereal populations

Mutually stimulating interactions between lactic acid bacteria and Saccharomyces cerevisiae in sourdough fermentation

Phytate Degradation during Breadmaking

Prevention of CD (celiac disease)

Protein Digestibility of Cereal Products Iris Joye

Recent advances in understanding non-celiac gluten sensitivity

Scouting for Naturally Low-Toxicity Wheat Genotypes by a Multidisciplinary Approach

Sensitivity to wheat, gluten and FODMAPs in IBS: facts or fiction?

Sourdough lactic acid bacteria and products for Celiac Susceptible People

Split Nitrogen Application Improves Wheat Baking Quality by Influencing Protein Composition Rather Than Concentration

Stazione Consorziale Sicilia

Stazione sperimentale di granicoltura per la Sicilia

The Effect Of Damaged Starch On The Quality Of Baked Good | Miller Magazine

The Effect of Digestion and Digestibility on Allergenicity of Food

The genetics of celiac disease

The structure and properties of gluten

The Toxicity of wheat prolamins

Varieties for conservation and “ancient grains