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Le omega gliadine codificate dal genoma B1 del frumento exaploide possono anche ospitare epitopi della grave allergia alimentare WDEIA.

by luciano

“Omega-5 gliadins are a group of highly repetitive gluten proteins in wheat flour encoded on the 1B chromosome of hexaploid wheat. These proteins are the major sensitizing allergens in a severe form of food allergy called wheat-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis (WDEIA). The elimination of omega-5 gliadins from wheat flour through biotechnology or breeding approaches could reduce the immunogenic potential and adverse health effects of the flour. Susan B. Altenbach et al. BMC Plant Biology volume 18, Article number: 291 (2018)”


Il grano monococco ne è privo, vedi articolo : assenza della ω-5 gliadin nel monococco